Did Spencer Barbosa and Morgan break up? Instagram update leaves fans upset

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Spencer Barbosa, a 20-year-old content creator, recently announced her break up with Morgan Penwell on TikTok. Spencer is a Canadian actress who rose to widespread recognition as one of the hosts of the We Are Savvy web series, which ran from 2016 to 2018.

On April 15, Spencer took to TikTok and her Instagram story to share the news of her recent “mutual” breakup with Morgan. She also addressed her fans’ concerns about her emotional state and assured them that she was trying to find her happiness. Spencer said:

Spencer revealed that the two ended their relationship on amicable terms a few weeks ago. However, Spencer said she did not make an immediate announcement because she knew she needed to process the split offline without dealing with online comments and judgment.

Spencer asserted that she would not tolerate any negative comments about her ex and would block users who would hate him. She told her fans there was no drama, gossip, or tea surrounding their separation.

Many probably missed Spencer Barbosa’s update on her Instagram story, where she announced her breakup. Later, on April 17, the actress shared a video about self-growth, and those who missed the breakup news commented on the video with shocked reactions.

Some could not believe that the two had broken up. They kept asking for confirmation and seemed quite heartbroken. On TikTok, people extended their support and love to Spencer and left words of comfort and encouragement for her.

In the TikTok video, Spencer Barbosa acknowledged Morgan Penwell as her first love. She told viewers that the two loved each other very much and that it did not change just because they broke up. Spencer stated:

“Morgan is my first love. He will always be my first love. He is an amazing, amazing man, and there is no bad blood. We ended on really good terms.”
Spencer Barbosa further shared that she received many comments where fans told her that her break up with Morgan caused many to lose faith in love, and they started saying that love does not exist. However, the actress asserted that love exists and that she and Morgan had love.

The TikTok content creator asked her viewers not to think she was okay just because she was sitting in front of the camera with a straight face, looking okay. She affirmed that her talking about the breakup without shedding tears did not mean it did not hurt her or that her heart was not broken. Spencer Barbosa added:

“I didn’t wanna come online and bawl my eyes out, so I gave myself multiple weeks to heal, to work on myself, to focus on my happiness because I deserve to be happy.”
Spencer Barbosa continued that she always preached to her fans that everyone deserves to put themselves first and that they deserve happiness. So it was time for her to follow her own advice.

In the video’s final segment, Spencer cried while telling her fans that she loves them very much and that the last few weeks have been very hard for her. She shared that she had been trying really hard to be happy and move on with her life. She also apologized to everyone for not sharing the news with them soon enough.

Spencer Barbosa and Morgan Penweill started dating in 2021. She shared a photo while holding his hand in December 2021. Spencer posted the picture without revealing her boyfriend’s identity, which piqued the curiosity of her fans. On the first day of January 2022, Spencer made a boyfriend reveal on Instagram, and fans showered the couple with loving and congratulatory messages.

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